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Created by FXRider 2003

Sourceforge descritpion
Protect your bandwith and increase traffic to your vBulletin web site.
This project is to keep the location of files a secret that are on FTP
of a vBulletin forums website. This is done to avoid using the vB
attachments database.The files should be available for users, but
not directly by links. This should allow you to keep the attachments
on the forums turned off but still be able to host files and prevent
direct links to them from other sites. A new table is added to the
vBulletin database which will be used to derive the number of
dowloads per file and track usage. Users will have to be logged
into the forum to login past the filepage.php page.

Files included: filepage.php filelogin.php filepage2.php fileprotect.php

Vb Updates necessary: Add the above php files to the forums folder.

Add file_stats TABLE to the vB forums database...
CREATE TABLE file_stats(
access_time INT( 10 ) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
file_name varchar( 30 ) ,
accessor varchar( 30 )

This is being posted in hopes that the code can be tightened up where
necessary This code is designed for use with vBulletin forum web sites.

To Do:
1)convert to all php, I'm new at this, I need some time to figure out how.
2)Make a loop to display files table with a list.
3)Convert common static strings to Constants defined at the beggining
of each file.

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Last updated: 02-14-2003 05:25 PM EST